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Are you nervous about thinning and damaging hair? Everyone needs a good hair day, every day and at HyperSalon, our Haircare team dedicate themselves on ensuring that each client’s specific haircare needs are looked after and provides advisory services on how to manage and take care of your hair.  

We ensure 100% client satisfaction and use the latest hair care products to make sure you don’t have to go out looking for them.  We are your one shop stop for all your haircare needs, while you get served in the comfort of your home!

Don’t know how to book our hair treatment service? Relax, it’s very simple. Choose your desired service, add it to cart, fill your info form, pick up a free time slot and just one click on the checkout button. Boom! Your service is booked.

Now make yourself ready because our trained beauticians will be at your doorstep on a fixed schedule, fully kitted, vaccinated and well equipped.

For the proper hair treatment, you should visit HyperSalon by just scheduling your time with the hair specialists. We will provide you with our best services at your doorstep. 

Services Price Duration
L'Oréal Root Touch up Rs. 3500 90 Minutes
L'Oréal Deep Protein Treatment Rs. 3000 60 Minutes
Cut Down Full Hair Dye L'Oréal (upto shoulder length) Rs. 18,000 90 Minutes
Cut Down Full Hair Dye L'Oréal (upto waist length) Rs. 22,000 90 Minutes
L'Oréal Low & High Lights (upto shoulder length) Rs. 15,000 90 Minutes
L'Oréal Low & High Lights (upto waist length) Rs. 20,000 180 Minutes
L'Oréal Colour change (upto shoulder length) Rs. 7,500 180 Minutes
L'Oréal Colour change (upto waist length) Rs. 9,500 180 Minutes
L'Oréal XTenso (upto shoulder length) Rs. 16,000 240 Minutes
L'Oréal XTenso (upto waist length) Rs. 22,000 240 Minutes
Brazilian Keratin (upto shoulder length) Rs. 10,000 240 Minutes
Brazilian Keratin (upto waist length) Rs. 15,000 240 Minutes
Hair Gloss (upto shoulder length) Rs. 6,000 90 Minutes
Hair Gloss (upto shoulder length) Rs. 8,500 90 Minutes
Blowdry Rs. 1500 30 Minutes
Hair Style Rs. 2500 30 Minutes
Children's Hair Styling Rs. 1000 30 Minutes
Bridal Hair Styling with Jewellery Setting Rs. 3500 90 Minutes

At HyperSalon, we work to keep your hair healthy and in-style.  And for anyone, who feels they are experiencing hair loss, keep calm and contact us and our team will advise you on how to improve your hair health.

Here are some preventive Hair Care tips that everyone should know about:

It would be best to go for some hair treatment when you realize any sign of damaged and losing hair to stop them from falling. There are some actions that you should take for your hair care. HyperSalon hair specialists will guide you about all these steps in the comfort of your home.

Cleaning Regiment: It is the first step to avoid shampoos that contain chemicals or alcohol. Use clinically proven shampoos according to your hair type for healthy soft hair.

Careful hairdos: Your hair doesn’t need too much brushing. It may lead to damage or broken hair.

Healthy Diet: A healthy diet is the most important step for your natural hair treatment. Too much dieting can cause hair loss and other problems. Take vitamins and minerals for dry, brittle hair. Our experienced team at HyperSalon will tell you about essential vitamins and minerals that you should take, so your hair can be healthy!

Your diet must include Fish Oil, vitamin C & D, Biotin and B5, Zinc, Iron and Proteins. Stress can also cause hair loss. Meditation and yoga can help in releasing stress.

Hair Treatment
Hair Treatment
Hair Treatment

HyperSalon provides you with full-time customer support, even post services.

 Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further assistance. As being your loyal service providers, we are here for you, even post service provision. Connect with our client care team today, so we can help you with your hair needs, in the comfort of your home!

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