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L’Oréal Root Touch up

Rs. 3,500

L’Oréal Deep Protein Treatment

Rs. 3000

Cut Down Full Hair Dye L’Oréal (upto shoulder length)

Rs. 18,000

Cut Down Full Hair Dye L’Oréal (upto waist length)

Rs. 22,000

L’Oréal Low & High Lights (upto shoulder length)

Rs. 15,000

L’Oréal Low & High Lights (upto waist length)

Rs. 20,000

L’Oréal Colour change (upto shoulder length)

Rs. 7,500

L’Oréal Colour change (upto waist length)

Rs. 9,500

L’Oréal XTenso (upto shoulder length)

Rs. 16,000

L’Oréal XTenso (upto waist length)

Rs. 22,000

Brazilian Keratin  (upto shoulder length)

Rs. 10,000

Brazilian Keratin (upto waist length)

Rs. 15,000

Hair Gloss (upto shoulder length)

Rs. 6,000

Hair Gloss (upto waist length)

Rs. 8,500


Rs. 1500

Hair Style

Rs. 2500

Children’s Hair Styling

Rs. 1000

Bridal Hair Styling with Jewellery Setting

Rs. 3500

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