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Every woman loves to be complimented, and hair compliments are the best! HyperSalon has a team of trained professionals who can give you ANY haircut, in the comfort of your own home.

Don’t know how to book our hair cutting & styling service? Relax, it’s very simple. Choose your desired services, add it to your cart, fill your information form, pick any time slot convenient for you, and then click once on the checkout button. Boom… Your services are now booked!

HyperSalon hair styling specialists will educate you on your hair texture and make recommendations that are best suited for your hair type. Book you appointment now and get hair cutting service in the comfort of your home!

Services Price Duration
Blowdry Rs. 1500 60 Minutes
HairStyle Rs. 2500 60 Minutes
Hair Triming Rs. 2500 40 Minutes
Haircut without Blowdry Rs. 3,000 40 Minutes
Haircut with Blowdry Rs. 3500 60 Minutes
Haircut + Blowdry Rs. 4,000 90 Minutes

A HyperSalon haircut will leave you with smiling! A haircut helps you in preventing hair cuticles from splitting.  Hair cuticles at the end are sometimes difficult to handle if not trimmed on a regular basis. That’s why having a haircut more often is important as it prevents you from damaging your hair and makes your hair look strong, healthy and beautiful.

Our hair styling specialists will educate you on when it might be a good time to get a haircut and perhaps give yourself a new look.

What are you waiting for? Get the best trim in Lahore today.  Connect with our client care team and or via our social media channels on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp and book your appointment.

Hair Treatment
Hair Treatment
Hair Cut

HyperSalon provides you with 24/7 client care and support.  Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further assistance.  As being your loyal service providers, we are here for you, even post service provision. Connect with our client care team today, so we can help you with your hair styling needs, in the comfort of your home!

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