Body Polisher


Body polishing is a full-body exfoliating method to get rid of dead skin cells and to promote regeneration of new cells. Everyone needs a body polishing service to keep their skin smooth and fresh!

Don’t know how to book your body polishing service? Relax, it’s very simple. Choose your desired services, add it to your cart, fill your information form, pick any time slot convenient for you, and then click once on the checkout button. Boom… Your services are now booked!

 Put your feet up and relax and our trained, fully kitted, vaccinated service providers will be at your doorstep at the time you picked for yourself.

With us, you will get the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals in cosmetology. Get your Body Polishing service right in the comfort of your home, with HyperSalon!  

Services Price Duration
Full Arms Polisher Rs. 800 30 Minutes
Full Legs Polisher Rs. 1050 40 Minutes
Full Body Polisher Rs. 2500 60 Minutes

Body polisher is a skin treatment to makes your skin smooth & gives it a fresh look. Think of it like a facial for the whole body.

At HyperSalon, we have experienced staff to satisfy your personal and cosmetic care needs and have both the experience and staff to make your skin soft and new. A body polisher has numerous benefits for your skin, such as exfoliation, opening pores, regenerating of new skin cells, moisturizing of your skin and increasing the blood flow in your body.

How Body Polishing is different from a body scrub? A body polisher and a body scrub are very similar because both are helpful in exfoliating the skin to remove dead skin cells from your body. A body scrub can also hydrate and cleanse your skin.

For an amazing body polishing service of the body, book your appointment today with HyperSalon, we are providing top rated body polishing services with essential exfoliants and oils & get served in the comfort of your home.  It will help you in removing your dead skin cells from the skin, hydrating your skin, and making it look fresh than before.

A massage during polishing will also relax your muscles that will help you in releasing stress.  Book your appointment today and get the best body scrub and polisher in town, today!

Body Polisher
Body Polisher
Body Polisher

HyperSalon provides you with 24/7 client care and support.  Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further assistance. As being your loyal service providers, we are here for you, even post service provision. Connect with our client care team today, so we can help you with your skincare needs, in the comfort of your home!

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